Installation Process

You're seven steps away from running on solar power

Installation Process Walk Through

Preliminary Estimate - We can send you a free no obligation preliminary estimate based off a satellite image of your roof. On that estimate you'll be able to find the ballpark cost of an installation tailored to your property, information about the RI and federal incentives, and the expected savings on your utility bill.

Site Survey - We will come out to your site for free to assess the feasibility of adding solar energy generation to your home or business. During the survey we will look at your electricity usage, potential shading, and structural supports so that we can advise you on the best application of solar technology.

System Design - Our team will design a customized system for your application. We will address all aspects of the system including size, hardware, mounting, and electrical connections.

Permitting and Subsidies - Sol Power will take care of permit applications and walk you through the applications for tax incentives, making use of our knowledge and experience to make your part as effortless as possible.

Hardware Installation - A licensed electrician will come to your site to perform the installation. Since the entire solar installation process is performed by us, you can rest assured that the installers will have comprehensive knowledge of your system design.

Electrical Interconnection - Whether you have a grid-tied PV system, an off the grid battery bank, or some combination of the two, we'll make sure that your system is up and running worry free. Sol Power will deal with your utility company so that you're ready to start generating your own renewable energy.

Monitoring and Maintenance - We'll keep track of your system's progress and show your how to view your energy usage and savings.

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