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The Sol Power Advantage

We pride ourselves on an unrivaled customer service experience, our top notch installation quality, and our cooperative and local business model.

Customer Service

We manage our projects on a customer centric basis. Every customer has a contact at Sol Power responsible for coordinating and managing their installation. Our primary sales personnel are technically trained so that one person can answer both financial and technical questions. Throughout the installation the same person will be in contact with the customer for scheduling and providing assistance as needed. A consistent point of contact allows us to maintain a constant flow of information throughout the installation and develop a personal relationship with our customers. We understand that our customers lead busy lives, so we are available weekends and evenings for site visits and calls.


Our customers have rated their overall installation experience with Sol Power an average of 4.6/5 on our internal customer satisfaction survey (a rating of 5 strongly indicates an excellent overall experience). We think that’s the result of top quality installation, responsive customer contact, and our ability to manage the whole process under one roof. We have complete control over the final product because we aren’t sub-contracting out any parts of the installation.

Our lead installer, Tyler Mason, brings 9 years of solar installation experience along with NABCEP certification, the gold standard of the solar industry. He’s completed over 400 solar installations and worked with all the variations you could imagine in a New England residence, from metal roofs to off grid systems. Our customers can be assured of quality work knowing that a NABCEP PV certified installer is leading our installation crew and on site at their house.

Our recommended panels and inverters come with a 25 year manufacturer’s warranty and we stand behind that with a 10 year guarantee on our workmanship. We use top quality components and back them up with our installation experience and labor guarantee.

We are able to manage all aspects of an installation from a single office. Every step of the installation from sales to in-house engineering and design to materials procurement and installation will be handled at our office in Providence. Paired with our constant customer contact for each installation, we make sure that no information is lost along the way and our customers’ voices are preserved throughout the project.

Cooperative and Local Business Model

Sol Power is employee owned and democratically run. As a cooperative, our employees are either an owner of the company or on track to becoming one. Company profits are distributed among employees. Every employee of Sol Power is a small business owner. As such, we’re invested in our work. Our employees are the driving force behind our customer service and quality.

We are a local company based in Providence. All our employees live in RI and we use the closest suppliers available; obtaining our electrical hardware in RI and our solar materials from CT and MA. As a result, we can respond quickly to our customers and the money we spend goes back into the community.

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